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Arctic HSRL: A new lidar designed for long term observations in the Arctic Arctic Data
Data: HSRL, MMCR, PAERI, MWR Web access to data acquired after 01-May-2004
Volume Imaging Lidar: System description
High Spectral Resolution Lidar: System description(van mounted system used prior to May 2004)
Lidar Images: Thousand's of Lidar images acquired before 2004
Movies: MPEG animations generated from VIL data
HSRL with MODIS: Data at Satellite Overpasses, for MODIS Instrument
Vis5D Images: 3-D scattering volumes produced from VIL data
Project Results: Data products and science results from selected projects
Publications: List of Lidar Group publications
Operation Times and Statistics: Some HSRL and VIL experiments prior to 1998
Staff: UW Lidar Group staff and contact information
Results from Lake-ICE: Lake-Induced Convection Experiment
Large-eddy simulation: UW Nonhydrostatic Modeling System LES Results
Lidar Multiple Scattering: Models
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