Multiple Scattering Models

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A Practical Model for the Calculation of Multiply Scattered Lidar Returns--Errata and Extensions to Applied Optics paper: 1998, 37, 2464-2474.
E. W. Eloranta "Calculation of Doubly Scattered Lidar Returns", University of Wisconsin Phd Thesis 1972.

Shipley, S. T., "The measurement of rainfall by lidar", Ph.D. Thesis, Univeristy of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Meteorology, 1978.

Computer Codes

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Computer code which implements the lidar multiple scatter model described in Eloranta, Applied Optics 37, 2464-2474 is implemented as a C-language routine. The archive file mscat_v0.91.tar.gz contains source and executable routines compiled under gcc for Linux. Source code is also contained in for users who wish to adapt the code for compilation in non-unix environments. Although the basic code has been carefully tested, it has been rewritten (replacing a hybrid matlab/C version) and it may contain errors. Please report any problems to '' and feel free to ask questions. In addition to the Applied Optics algorithm, an extension which computes multiple scatter for log-normal size distributions is included and a version for gamma distributions is under construction. A brief description of these extentions is provided in ms.pdf and is also avaliable in Lidar Remote Sensing in Atmospheric and Earth Sciences, Proceedings of the 21st Laser Radar Conference, Editors Luc Bissonnette, Gilles Roy and Gilles Vallee. Available from:

Library Services,
Defence R&D Canada - Valcartier
2456 PIe-XI Blvd North
VAl-Belair, QC G3J 1X5

C-language codes to compute log-normal and gamma size distributions using the input parameters of mscat is included in size_dist_v0.91.tar.gz and These codes generate files containing particle number density as a function of particle size.

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