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University of Wisconsin Lidar Participation in the Lake-ICE experiment

The University of Wisconsin Volume Imaging Lidar will be located in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, for Lake-ICE. (Lake-Induced Convection Experiment.) The city of Sheboygan is on the western shore of Lake Michigan approximately 35 miles (58 km) north of Milwaukee, 50 miles south of Green Bay, WI, and 100 miles NE of Madison, WI. Click on the map below to see more detail of exactly where we are located in Sheboygan. The approximate latitude and longitude of the lidar site are: 43 deg 44.6 min North and 87 deg 42.0 min West.

Quad map of southern Sheboygan (700 KB gif)

Photo of the VIL site in Sheboygan (looking SE) (72 KB gif)

Our objective during Lake-ICE is to collect 4-D lidar observations of backscatter in the intense convective boundary layer (CBL) that forms over Lake Michigan during cold-air outbreaks. The lidar is parked just meters from the shore of the lake and we will scan downwind (over the lake) to observe the first 15 km of the CBL. The depth of the CBL over the lake during cold-air outbreaks increases as a function of range from the upwind shore.

Photo of VIL and Edgewater power plant (looking SSE)

The Edgewater Power Plant is approximately 3.1 km south of the VIL site. In addition to lidar observations of the marine boundary layer, we are looking forward to observing the power plant plume.

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