This is my homepage. Not much; im not an HTML author.

Things I do at SSEC: mostly program in C. Occiational SQL and Matlab.

A project I helped with is here. A graphing java applet for the radiosonde monster-text file data. It is available through a couple of the Lidar Group pages. The source to this, known as JIPC, is now available under the LGPL here

wind_field.m.gz - Here is my contribution to the Matlab world. It is a function called wind_field. It is used on a few plots on these pages. I wrote it as a replacement to quiver, which I found inadequate to plot wind vector fields. Includes something resembling documentation.

mex_vis5dtoolkit-0.13a.tar.gz - Here is a release of a toolkit I wrote for Matlab. It enables Matlab to read and use data from a Vis5D data file. This works on with our system, and might work on others. Requires matlab's mex and the some source to Vis5D or a full install of Vis5D+. run the conf script or edit the Makefile, then run make. Feedback welcome. (conf script updated 2003.02.04)

Joseph Garcia