This is a little project that I have been working on for a few months. It is a little hokey now and then, but looks ok. It may be a little slow, depending on what system you are on. For the most part, it is still incomplete.

The JIPC classes were started by Raymond Garcia, also of SSEC. I got put on a project to get graphs on our pages, so i began developing for the classes. They will be made available at some undetermined time in the future. At current, it is just a mess of classes, we need to package-ize them.

To test the program, hit the graph button below. It is set to a sonde file by way of a paramter in the HTML code. An old coding of this program is available here, which has a dialog box to open other files. I have already added buttons to a few of the sonde pages of The UW Lidar Group's web server. Right now, they are limited to the January '97 Madison Observations. Your browser downloads all the classes the first time you use the program. So you can visit other pages at no bandwidth cost. This is true for the whole session your run your browser, so if the program looks old, you should restart your browser. (reload will not work. applets are not reloaded)

To my knowledge, the most common problem with the applet is an exception thrown by the ExtentsFilter. I have seen this using Netscape 3.0 under IRIX on an SGI and under MacOS. OS/2 has had a few problems under its netscape also. The older browsers don't have enough java support to run JavaPlot. In general, use the newest version and it should work.

Systems/Browsers I have personally checked and seen working:

  • Netscape 4.04 under RH Linux 5.0 (k 2.0.32) on a 200mmx w/ 32 megs memory
  • Netscape 4.04 under NT 4.0 on a Pentium II
  • Netscape 4.03 under AIX 4 on a RS/6000 (but went really slow)
  • Netscape 4.04 under MacOS
  • Internet Explorer (?) under Win95 on a 233mmx

    One thing users could try, which would increase JIPC's reliability and speed would be to run the Java Applet Viewer and use the web page you would like to view. The viewer will then spawn a button for each instance on the web page in question, Under Unix, this is done by typing "appletviewer http://lidar.ssec.wisc.edu/..." you get the idea. Input the complete URL at the command line. The URL should be the html file, not the data file.

    If you really want it to work, be patient and make sure your software is up to date before you consider reenacting scenes from Shakespeare. :)

    See the documentation for more current information.

    Try it out, send feedback, and enjoy.

    ** JIPC cannot execute. your browser does not support java **

    Joseph Garcia