Large-Eddy Simulation #198: (IBL)

LES RUN #198: This was the second attempt to simulate the TIBL on 10 January 1998. This simulation differs from #197 in three main ways. First, the vertical resolution is stretched above 1200 m in order to reach up to 6.5 km. Second, IVSCALE=IHSCALE=1 (in LES#197 IVSCALE=6, IHSCALE=3). Third, VDKR=HDKR=0.1 (in LES#197 VDKR=HDKR=0.2).

Click here to see the NMSTASK file of LES #198.

The following images show vertical velocity on a vertical slice; pressure perturbation on a vertical slice; and pressure perturbation on a horizontal slice 10-m above the surface.

The following is an animation to compare the coherent structures generated in the surface layer in simulations #197 and #198.

The following is a horizontal slice through the bottom of the model domain (15 m above the surface) over the water only. The output has been folded over once in the north-south direction to help your eye follow coherent structures across the domain. This is an east-west subset of the model domain. The entire domain spans from 12-km west of the shore to 12-km east of the shore.

UW Lidar // July 24, 2000 //

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