Large-Eddy Simulation #91: Neutrally-stratified, Ekman PBL

LES RUN #91: This domain is 4 km (east-west) by 2 km (north-south) wide by 1.5 km tall. Periodic BCs in both horizontal directions. The purpose of this simulation is generate a shear-driven PBL with no heat flux. We initialize with an Ekman wind spiral following the table in Andren et al. 1994 (Q. J. R. Meteor. Soc., vol 120, pp 1457-1484.) The temperature profile is neutral at all altitudes. The grid is moving at 10 m/s to remove the geostrophic component of flow. There is no absorbing layer at the top of the domain. We will compute vertical profiles of momentum flux to determine if the model is handling this theoretical flow the same as other LESs in the Andren paper. Remember: these movies only show the ageostrophic component of the flow.

UW Lidar // July 6, 1999 //

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