Large-Eddy Simulation #234: (Upwind)

LES RUN #234: Shear-driven upwind simulation of 13 Jan 98. Turned off radiation and soil model completely. 200 x 120 x 69 with 15-m resolution in all 3 directions. Periodic lateral boundary conditions. Entire domain over snow-covered land. Arakawa & Lamb advection routine, VDKR=HDKR=0.05. Horizontally homogeneous initial condition according to observations. The initial temperature and dew-point profile was from the radiosonde and the initial wind speed and direction profiles were from linear fits to the data as shown in the first frame of the animation (the thumbnail is the last frame of the animation.) Click here to see the NMSTASK file of LES #234.

The following animation shows the evolution of mean profiles (red lines) of wind speed, direction, temperature and dewpoint as well as vertical velocity on a east-west oriented vertical slice.

This graph shows total TKE in the LES domain versus time.

UW Lidar // Dec 18, 2000 //

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