Large-Eddy Simulation #208: (IBL)

LES RUN #208: This is a continuation of LES#195 with the east-west periodic boundary condition removed. The model was simply restarted with the 4650 s history file of LES#195 but with IBND=2 and DISTIMH=0 to remove east-west periodic and east-west restoring zones. Click here to see the NMSTASK file of LES #208.

In addition to that, this run wrote out the integrated mass flux over the entire east and west wall for every timestep in order to evaluate the effect of the open east BC on the pressure perturbation field. The result is summarized in the following line-plot. The ratio west-mass-flux / east-mass-flux is plotted for several levels in the top panel and integrated over all levels in the bottom panel. A ratio greater than one indicates more mass is leaving the domain than entering.

The following is a horizontal slice through the bottom of the model domain (7.5 m above the surface) over the water only. The output has been folded over once in the north-south direction to help your eye follow coherent structures across the domain. This is an east-west subset of the model domain.

The following is an east-west vertical slice through the model domain.

The following is a horizontal slice through the bottom of the model. The entire area is shown.

UW Lidar // Sept 12, 2000 //

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