Large-Eddy Simulation #190: (Upwind PBL)

LES RUN #190: Upwind shear & heat driven PBL over snow-covered land. The simulation was initialized horizontally homogeneous according to a radiosonde sounding 10-km west of the lidar site during Lake-ICE. The domain is 200x120x69 grid-points with 15-m resolution in all directions and 0.5 s time-step was used. The domain is entirely over land and it has the same north-south dimension as our largest TIBL runs (like #181). The grid is stationary and periodic in the lateral directions. Click here to see the NMSTASK file. The flow is from the NW with a 400 m deep mixed layer. The animations shown are for about 3-hour simulations with over 600 frames each. These are the longest animations we've made and were created using Matlab.

The following is a vertical slice through the model domain and vertical profiles of the horizontal and vertical velocity components.

The following is a horizontal slice through the model domain at 67.5 m above the surface.

The following is a vertical slice of the passive tracer through the model domain for the first hour of simulation. the surface.

UW Lidar // Apr 18, 2000 //

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