Large-Eddy Simulation #143: TIBL

LES RUN #143: TIBL. This is our first attempt at simulating the transition from a shear-driven turbulent flow to a heat-driven turbulent flow. Previous TIBL simulations were laminar flow (i.e. no large-eddies in the flow upwind of the lake) to turbulent flow transitions.

This domain is 12 km (east-west) by 750 m (north-south) wide by 1.0 km tall. The horizontal and vertical resolution is 15 m in all directions. The left 6 km is over land and the right 6 km is over the lake. The flow is from the NW with a 400 m deep mixed layer.

The west wall of this domain is perturbed by adding a random number between + and - 0.5 m/s to the v-component of flow below 400 m on each time step. This is done to speed the development of a shear-driven mixed layer over the land before the air advects over the water.

UW Lidar // Oct 11, 1999 //

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