Large-Eddy Simulation #104: Upwind PBL

LES RUN #104: Upwind PBL. This simulation was initialized horizontally homogeneous with a radiosonde sounding from the Sheboygan ISS during Lake-ICE on this morning of 13 Jan 98. We intended to run this LES for a long time to obtain an "equilibrium" solution. Click here to see the NMSTASK file. This domain is 4 km (east-west) by 4 km (north-south) wide by 2.0 km tall and all over land with a roughness length of 1 m. Periodic BCs in both horizontal directions. The flow is from the NW with a 400 m deep mixed layer. Radiation in the model is turned off and there is no surface heat flux. The movie is 8 hours duration with frames every 10 minutes.

Gravity waves develop in the inversion above the ML. Their amplitude becomes so large by 6 hours that they overpower roll structures we hoped to see in the ML.

UW Lidar // July 6, 1999 //

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