January 13, 1998 Observations

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SGNW3 Hourly Surface Meteorological Observations for 13 January 1998.
SGNW3 10-minute anemometer winds for 13 January 1998.
Satellite imagery for 13 January 1998.

Click here for Preliminary Large-Eddy Simulation Results

Here are fields of wind velocity, vorticity, and divergence for the period 16:25-16:32 UTC calculated from cross-correlations of VIL backscatter data. These fields were then added to a map of the Lake Michigan shoreline at Sheboygan. The VIL was located at the origin (Upper left-hand corner) of the axes.

Wind Velocity (Large 340K)

Wind Velocity (Small 140K)

Vorticity (Large 340K)

Vorticity (Small 140K)

Divergence (Large 340K)

Divergence (Small 140K)

Start of Data Session

RHI Volume scans from 12:48-13:36 UTC.

RHI Volume scans from 15:50-16:21 UTC.

PPI scans from 16:25-16:30 UTC.

RHI Scans from 16:44-17:00 UTC.

RHI Volume scans from 17:20-18:36 UTC.

End of Data Session

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