November 1, 2000 Observations

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HSRL Observations, November 1, 2000

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HSRL Data Products

Plot of mean aerosol backscatter cross-section vs. altitude for data session.
The above figure shows the particulate scattering cross-section and depolorization generated
from 3 minute averaged data with 165 meter vertical resolution. The length of each bar represents
the mean of the scattering cross-sections measured during the data collection period that have a
molecular scattering error < 2%. The scattering cross section is computed using the measured
particulate backscatter cross section, ß'and an estimated backscatter phase function of
P(180)/4pi=0.04. The value of .04 is derived from a 1 year climatology of HSRL lidar data. The
approximate scattering cross section is then equal to: ß'/0.04. Each bar is divided into colored
segments based on depolorization. The length of the segment is determined by the fraction of the
measurements weighted by the scattering cross-section with a depolorization of d < 0.15 (blue),
0.15 <d < 0.25(red), and d > 0.25 (yellow). Depolorization less then 0.15 are generally water
droplets or aerosol. Depolorization greater then 0.25 are ice clouds.

Radiosonde Profiles, November 1, 2000

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